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Our president Rudrigo Roa Duterte declared Martial Law on May 24, 2017. Because of terrorist attack in Marawi City, Mindanao. Many of soldiers died for our country. They are the heroes of people in marawi. And most of their houses are destroy because of exchange of gunfire, bombing and kidnapping. But PNP (Philippine National Police) caught the Maute father and mother but the maute brothers said that they find a way to release their parents in jail. And other of Maute killed by our soldiers. Pray for Marawi City, pray for Philippines.


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          As the quote written in the picture,”Abortion is baby killing”. Yeah, that’s what  exactly mean of abortion. How sad, an innocent and helpless babies were killed by many young people especially here in the Philippines. They cant give the needs of the baby, why they are being pregnant at a young age? Cause of loving too much? Maybe, why not. There is reason why, see on next paragraph.

Take note, this is a true story.

1.   The two person loving each other, madly deeply inlove with each other and because of that love, something happend on them that night. They do not think what will happen then. And after 3 weeks, the girl was confusing  about her self because she is vomiting and she had a food craving. She wants to eat and eat everyday.
One day, she search about pregnancy and all of the signs that came out on google are already happened on her. She was scared, she don’t know what to do. And  she decided to buy a  pregnancy test to see if she is pregnant or not. But the result is positive. She don’t know what to do and she is crying that time saying sorry and sorry to her self. And she said also on her boyfriend but her boyfriend reacted like he don’t care. The boy said, ” That’s not mine bitch and i’m not totally madly inlove with you, i play with your feelings, i am very sorry” The girl’s world was crumble. She run crying. And when she got home she hurried drink strong wine and decided to abort the baby she was carrying. And she don’t tell anyone from her family about what happened on her.